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Lots of changes today

There were a number of nice additions to the Fantasy Stat Tracker today. Among them:

  • Change team name – edit the name of a team you have created
  • Delete team – remove a team from your account
  • Linked player names – player names now link to the player’s profile page
  • Google Analytics – added GA webstats to the site
  • View Team link – added a link to the “account nav” to link to your team’s stats page (or render a drop-down list if you have multiple teams)

I also moved the “home page” link from the footer up to the “blog nav”. So we now have links to the blog home page and the Fantasy Stat Tracker home page in the top left corner of the page. The addition of the “view team” link and the relocation of the home link already seem to make it a lot easier to navigate the tool. As I mentioned the other day, though, I’ll be continuing to look at the navigation architecture for the site.

Along with the additions mentioned above, I performed a number of minor code enhancements. I worked on better escaping of SQL strings to be sent to the DB and some advancements in auto-redirecting users about the site based on whether or not the user account has a team associated with it (or multiple teams). There is also a check in place now to prevent people from accessing teams’ stats for other peoples’ teams. Previously you could edit the Location bar to change the TeamID that was being passed and see other peoples’ teams. You wouldn’t have been able to make any changes, but you could view the team nonetheless. Now you can’t.

Most noticeably, I re-organized the home page and brought a log-on form directly onto the page. The Fantasy Stat Tracker home page content was re-written slightly to better explain the free nature of this project. Some advertising verbiage was also added to encourage people to sign-up for an account.

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