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2009 is around the corner

With 2009 Spring Training fast approaching, I’ve begun work to improve the Fantasy Baseball Stattracker for the new season. As you’ve probably already noticed, the Stattracker has a name:! There is a brief overview of where the name came from on the site. I’ll likely move that over to the blog eventually.

Besides the name change and subsequent move to, there are a number of back-end upgrades already in place.

  1. The database has been upgraded to a newer version that allows for stronger password encryption.
  2. A new login script has been added that takes advantage of the stronger password encryption so as soon as you log in, your old account will be upgraded with the new encryption.
  3. This blog is now running the latest WorkPress – 2.7. Between the upgrade and the server change there were a few hurdles to overcome, but I think everything is up and running.

Among the front-end changes I anticipate before the 2009 season starts are improvements to the account sign-up process, SSL implementation of the sign-up and log-on processes, and an iPhone-optimized web application. I’d like to build a real iPhone app for, but with no budget I probably won’t try to tackle the $99 iPhone developer fee.

If there are other improvements that would make the site better for you and your friends, please post a comment and I’ll see what I can do.

Here’s to an exciting 2009!

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