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Password Reset

Today’s excitement: Password Reset! If a User forgets their password, there is now an option to have a new password generated and emailed to them. It seems like a pretty easy concept (and one that probably should have been built long ago), but there are actually quite a few pieces involved:

  • Request Password Form
  • Confirm User Account Script
  • Fail Mechanism if the User Account can’t be Confirmed
  • Password Generation Script
  • HTML Email Template
  • Password Reset Email
  • Password-Sent Confirmation Page

It took a couple hours to get all the various pieces up and working together, but I’ve tested with a couple different accounts now and it seems to be working correctly. So if you set up an account last year but now can’t remember your password to set up your 2009 team, you are in luck!

The mechanism requires that you enter both the user name and email address for the account on which you wish to reset the password. We don’t have any high-tech security on the site (security questions, TSA guards, strip searches, etc.) so I figured we should at least require knowledge of multiple data points for the account. If someone forgets either their user name or email address as well, they’re basically out of luck. I’m sure if someone emailed me with that concern, though, I’d try to help them get re-established.

One outstanding side effect of the new reset password process is the design and build of an HTML email template for Until now, hadn’t sent any emails. It didn’t confirm account creation, team creation, system outages/upgrades, or anything else. Now that I’ve put together the template it will be much easier to add in logical email notices. I’ll try to be reasonable about it, though, and not spam everyone that signs up for an account.

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