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iPhone Optimized Mobile

Finally, after months of development (also known as “inactivity”), now has a mobile-optimized verion:! Currently Mobile only allows for tracking of stats–no account or team management. With a very simple interface you can log-in, view your dashboard–complete with summary stats for all teams, and track the stats of all your fantasy teams and players.

I currently only have an iPhone, so that is what the site is optimized for. If you have a Pre, Blackberry, or Android phone I would appreciate any feedback and screenshots you can send me of how the site is rendering and performing.

The interface is still undergoing some tweaking, but it is very minor and should not impact the current functionality. After I get a feel for how the mobile version of is performing, I’ll start to plan out the addition of more functionality. I’m not sure if the mobile site will ever be feature-complete, but I expect it will be moving in that direction.

Luckily the object-oriented architecture of made the mobile site painless to implement. I would guess it’s been less than 8 hours in development and most of that time has gone into fine-tuning the interface. Hopefully future additional functionality will be as simple to add!

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