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Add Players to your Team

Players are added and removed individually from each of your teams. doesn’t try to enforce any specific league rules for when players can be added or removed from teams. You can do so at any time.

Find a Player

To find a player to add to your roster, you must first navigate to your team page. Across just below your team’s name there is a series of links including “Add Player”. Clicking this link will take you to the page to search for and add a player.

On the Add Player screen you will see a group of search fields in the right column. As their labels describe, you can search for players based on first name, last name, and position. doesn’t use Lucene search for player searching yet (it does for friend searching), but this functionality will be added later in 2010.

Add Player page with result for a search on "Young"

Add Player page with result for a search on "Young"

All of the search fields you direct string matches. This means they will find sub-strings within longer names, but won’t find variations on the terms you entered. So, a last-name search for “you” will return “Young” and “Youkilis” but not “Lyon”. If your search doesn’t return the player you were expecting, trying using a shorter string of characters.

Review a Player’s Stats

After you have some search results returned, you can check out the stats of the players in the list. Clicking on a player’s name will open a layer that shows the player’s picture, total season stats, and a link to the player’s profile page.

Add Player page displaying Michael Young player layer

Add Player page displaying Michael Young player layer

Add a Player

To add a player to your team, click on the green “plus” sign (+) next to his name. This will bring up a prompt to confirm that you wish to add the player to your team. If you accept, the player will be added to your team. This is handled by an AJAX request which means the page won’t need to reload. A new prompt will appear once the player has been added.

You can add as many players to your team as you would like in this session.

Activating your Player

After being added to your team, your new player will be placed on your bench. This means his stats won’t be counted when your team’s stats are calculated. To activate the player, click the gray-bars handle to the left of the player’s name on your team page and drag him above the “Bench” bar. To return him to the bench, just drag and drop him below the “Bench” bar.

Players riding the pine on a Team page

Players riding the pine on a Team page

Remove a Player

If you have added a player to your team accidentally or just want to remove someone, you can do so at any time. On your team page, there is a red “X” icon on the right end of each player’s stat line. Clicking this icon will prompt you to confirm that you wish to remove the player from the team. If you confirm, the page will reload and the player will be removed.

You can always add a player back to your team by using the same process described above for adding a player.

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