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How it Works makes it simple to track major league baseball stats for your fantasy baseball team–or any other group of players you want to follow!

Step 1. Sign Up

The sign-up process is simple. From the homepage, start entering your desired username in the “user” field. If doesn’t recognize the username you enter, it will expose some additional fields for you to enter and confirm your password and your email address.

Form used to sign up for

Form used to sign up for

If recognizes the username you enter, you’ll need to try a new one–someone else is already the one you tried.

Step 2. Create a Team

After signing up you can create your first team. This couldn’t be easier! Click the “Create Team” link in the utility box at the top-right of your dashboard. This will take you to a page where you enter the name of your new team. That’s it!

We do recommend keeping team names between 3 and 24 characters, but you can enter as many as you need. We also would suggest that you don’t create multiple teams with the same name–it’ll make life harder for you when you are trying to track your stats.

Step 3. Add Players

Once your team is created, you’ll be taken to your team detail page. From there you click the “Add Player” link. This takes you to a page where you can search for players, view their season stats, and add them to your team!

Add Player page with result for a search on "Young"

Add Player page with result for a search on "Young"

You can add as many–or as few–players as you want.

Step 4. Track Stats!

Now you can track stats!

Team page

Team page

A snapshot of your team’s overall statistics will be pulled into your dashboard so you can review all your teams at once. Clicking through to a team page will show you the day’s stats for each player, as well as the team totals.

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13 Responses to “How it Works”

  1. John B. Says:

    Can you build more than one team?

  2. Matthew Says:

    John B –

    Yes, you can create as many teams as you would like. At any time, you can select “Create New Team” from your profile object in the top-right of each page.

  3. edge27 Says:

    Is the stat tracker site working? When I try to register it briefly shows the addtional fields and then moves onto the ID not recognized page with the only option being forgot password.

  4. edge27 Says:

    Is stat tracker working. I wont prompt me for the registration fields.

  5. Matthew Says:

    @edge27 – I just checked and the sign-up form seems to be working. If you try to register with a username that is already in use, it won’t offer the additional registration fields and will, instead, take you to the incorrect username/password page. Please try using a different username.

  6. Chris Says:

    Same as edge27 – Attempt to sign up leads directly to incorrect username/password page. I tried my email and a long random number, both of which should be unique user names. Hope you can take a look …

  7. Matthew Says:

    When you enter your username, do fields for “comfirm password” and email address show up? Do you have JavaScript disabled?

  8. Ted Ball Says:

    I keep trying to sign up and ask for a new password and it says one will be sent to me but I never receive it.

  9. Tommy Says:

    i am currently in an offline league and the stats are only added up at all star break and when the season ends. our league is unique because you have ten hitters and eight pitchers but only your top six hitters count towards categories and only four pitchers count for their respective categories. does this site offer that option of only seeing top stats or only the whole roster for everyone in the league?

    thank you

  10. Jason Says:

    I have spring training stats mixed in with my regular season stats. Example, my major league guys have the regular season stats, but minor league pitchers Marcus Stroman & Noah Syndergaard are showing their spring training stats.

  11. tom guzick Says:

    I signed up but w hen I go to log in the only thing the site lets me do is signup again and I can not Log in. How do I Log in

  12. Brian Says:

    I can not log in. All I am getting is a generic page which let’s me go to “how to use

  13. Brian Says:

    Here is all I am getting when I open the web site?? It also is opening very, very slowly?
    The Baseball Stat Tracker
    Why “”?See how it works!

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