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I love Kilgus! Can you include [STATX]?

This is by far the most common topic when people email me about I’m thrilled that so many people are enjoying the tool (we start the year with over 1800 members, nearly 500 users per day), but these are bummer emails to receive.

Unfortunately, 95% of the time the answer: No, sorry.

As a free tool, needs to rely on whatever free stats we can find. As it turns out, MLB publishes some limited live data (I believe for their GameDay feature) that we’ve been able to tap. While it is great that the data is free, the bummer is that it isn’t comprehensive. is already pulling every stat available from MLB and even calculating a whole series more that aren’t made available in the data feed.

If you’re favorite stat isn’t included, it’s almost certainly because we just don’t have access to it. At the start of each season, I double-check the feeds to see if any new stats are available. This year, there is nothing new.

So, if there is something that can be calculated with the data already in, let me know and I’ll be happy to add it! If you want a new counting stat added, though, I can’t add it.

Maybe someday an angel investor will throw a pile of money at and we can afford to purchase a real data feed (~$25k/year). Until then, we just have to make due with what we have.

Hopefully it’s enough to be useful to you!

(That said, don’t forget to click “Select Stats” for each of your teams to see all the stats that are available: currently 32 categories!)

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7 Responses to “I love Kilgus! Can you include [STATX]?”

  1. Charlie Lent Says:

    Understand completely about only certain stats being available for cost reasons. How about formulas though?

    One of the most important stats in use now is weighted on base average (wOBA). While there is a very complex formula to actually compile it, there is a simple version that approximates wOBA very closely (and it derives from stats you already have access to):


    Any chance you guys would consider adding that as a hitter stat? This could also be used for pitchers but I’m not sure you have access to OOBP & OSLG (opponent’s on base % & opponents slugging %)

    Great site, by the way …. thanks!

  2. Irv Mick Says:

    On the pitchers stats, can you add Games, Games Started, Relief appearances.
    Irv Mick

  3. Matthew Says:

    Charlie –

    I think that variation on wOBA should be possible for batters. I’ll try to roll that in with the next batch of updates.

  4. Jake Says:

    How about PAs for batters?
    Also…didn’t these columns used to be sortable by stat (highest OBA to lowest…highest IP to lowest)? It doesn’t seem to have that functionality anymore. Is it coming back?

  5. Jason Says:

    Can you add HBP,SF and Sac Bunts. This would adjust the OBP percentage to the real number.

  6. Charlie Lent Says:

    Thanks, Matthew …

  7. Eornom Says:

    Has anyone asked about having the ability to sort the stats we do have on different columns?

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