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A quick apology…

As I mentioned yesterday, the old system for generating and sending email boxscores would run up against usage rates on a daily basis, leaving some messages unsent. With the move to SendGrid, our cap is raised, which is a good thing. I removed the limits from What I failed to identify was that all of those unsent email boxscores were still sitting in queue (almost a full year’s worth…). When I removed the limit in and told it to send, boy did it ever!

I logged into SendGrid this morning expecting to see ~470 boxscores sent this morning. Instead the count was nearly 4000! I frantically shut down the process to try to reduce the irritation any more than had already been caused. But a lot of messages went out to people that may not have been expecting them. For that, I am very sorry!

For some reason, these email boxscores have been the single biggest headache with over the years.

Anyway, I’m back in the code tweaking things up in hopes of avoiding another disaster tomorrow.

For all those that have emailed me over the last year about a missed boxscore email, I hope it showed up today! /badjoke

Seriously, though, sorry about the extra messages. I’ll try to make sure it doesn’t happen again.


I’ve made three changes to try to avoid this happening again:

1) I’ve cleared the email queue so nothing old even exists now.

2) I’ve capped the number of email boxscores will send tomorrow at 500. This is slightly higher than the number I think should be sent, so hopefully everyone gets their proper messages. If something goes wrong, though, the impact will be minimal.

3) I’ve updated the script that selects the emails to send to have it double-check that it is only pulling email boxscores generated in the current day.

Hopefully these three actions will prevent this from happening tomorrow. Nonetheless, I’ll be keeping a very close eye on things in the morning.

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3 Responses to “A quick apology…”

  1. Ted Marconi Says:

    Our fantasy league enjoys your service very much ….. It seems that (for 2013), Spring Training stats are still posted for players who have not as yet received a major league At Bat .. for example Ryan Lavarnway of Boston … Can you fix ???? Many thanks. Ted

  2. jbfdavis Says:

    The stats are posting vertically rather than horizontally. Can you fix that ?

  3. Matthew Says:

    This is an issue with IE10. I don’t have a machine with it to test/de-bug, so at this time it is unsupported. Please use any other browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, older IE) to see the proper rendering.

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