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That’s a wrap!

The 2012 baseball season has come to a close. As such, will no longer be sending out daily box score emails.

It’s been a tumultuous year for In particular, we experienced a lot of accuracy issues with our data source (free published XML feeds) and I heard more than ever about the lack of this stat or that stat.

I stopped using for my personal needs a couple years ago (I originally built it as a personal tool). Going into 2013, I’m on the fence as to whether to continue maintaining Obviously there are costs associated with keeping the servers up and running (thanks to all of you that have donated to help cover hosting costs!), but even more important is the time it takes to field email questions and comments, fix things when they go wrong, and monitor the performance of servers, databases, and email services. We’ll see how that goes in a few months when the excitement of a new season ramps up.

In the meantime, keep your chins up. Baseball is only a few cold months away!

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2 Responses to “That’s a wrap!”

  1. tommy brown Says:

    For some reason my stats now come up individually with one big block for each player with the stats listed down one side. They will not come up one after the other on one page straight across like they used to. What do I need to do. Roger Franzell lives close to me and his still are listed just like they always have been. Please advise…….thanks, Tommy

  2. Matthew Says:

    This is an issue with IE10. I don’t have a machine with it to test/debug, so at this time it is unsupported. Please use any other browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, older IE) to see the proper rendering.

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