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My name is Matthew. I started development of–the Fantasy Baseball Stat Tracker on Saturday, April 26, 2008. The project was borne of my personal frugality. I’m too cheap to pay $10 for the StatTracker® from Yahoo! on my fantasy baseball league. Instead I did the only logical thing: spend way more than $10 worth of my personal time building my own fantasy baseball stat tracker. Here on the Tracker I keep a running commentary on the progress of the development of the Fantasy Stat Tracker. While I have some vague ideas of where the project may go, it has no firm direction. At this point I am simply building an application that will let me personally track statistics for my fantasy baseball league. The project is open to the public to create teams and track their fantasy baseball stats as well.

Year 2 (2009)

As we enter the second year of, the tool has grown to become the world’s first social stat-tracker. Among a flurry of updates to, Users can now build Industries of Owners with which they can share privledges to view one another’s teams. More information on social networking can be found by searching on social networking or industry tags in the blog.

Year 3 (2010)

Now into year 3 of, a flurry of changes have been released. Most prominent has been a completely re-vamped visual theme. The re-launch includes all the previous versions’ functionality and also incorporates the Zend framework to allow Lucene searches on site data in addition to some little flourishes such as drag-and-drop bench behavior on team pages. More about the 2010 re-launch can be found by querying on “2010”.

Year 4 (2011)

Year 4 of will likely be an uneventful one. The tool seems to have settled into a comfortable, functional place. All of the previous years’ functionality will still be available in 2011. And, who knows, maybe something earth-shattering will occur to me and will rocket off in a new direction. For now, I’m just content with everything working and providing the basic stat tracking tools that we all need.