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SendGrid Roll-out Successful

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

Last night I upgraded the email sending mechanism in to use SendGrid. This morning all email boxscores look to have gone out as planned.

As a number people have noted, “as planned” may be less that what we all would like. One of the things SendGrid will help me do is see how many emails are being generated, sent, delivered, read, etc. This will allow me to better manage how daily boxscore emails work.

The first issue to address are those users that have signed up for boxscore emails but haven’t received them. The old email provider had a much lower limit on the number of messages that could be sent per batch and per day. This lead to some less than ideal compromises in designing the system. Basically, rather than just flooding the email server with all the boxscore emails, I had to throttle the process, building a queuing system and sending out small batches of emails. As the system neared its daily limits, some people’s emails would go un-sent.

In addition to the migration to SendGrid last night, this morning I have updated the queuing and sending system. It now queues everything the same, but tomorrow will send one large batch of messages (using an anti-flood function to ensure the email server doesn’t get overwhelmed). This SHOULD ensure that everyone receives every email they have requested! We’ll check back in tomorrow morning to see if it worked.

As a tack on, I switched this WordPress installation to also use SendGrid which should make it less likely that I miss comments and questions people post on here (sorry if I missed your question or comment!). Joins Twitter

Monday, June 8th, 2009

You can now follow updates on Twitter. You can find at

Tracker Styling

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

No functional updates to today–only asthetic updates to the Tracker Blog. Most of the styling changes are focused in the right rail. It no longer looks like the completely neglected navigation bar of a Developer. It now looks like the less neglected navigation bar of a Developer who is obviously not a Designer. Also some small tweaks to the meta-data elements of blog posts. All changes are completely CSS-based. There have been no mark-up changes.

Yes, this is still the same blog…

Monday, June 2nd, 2008

As you have certainly noticed, I am finally applying a unique theme to the Fantasy Baseball Stat Tracker blog. The theme is nearly identical to the Fantasy Baseball Stat Tracker with a few additions as needed to handle blog-specific elements. The biggest variation from the Stat Tracker is the 2-column layout using a wide left column and thin right column. I don’t have any intention of re-using this layout elsewhere, but at least I’ll knows it’s available should I need it.

One other minor change: the title. You’ll notice the blog is now named the “Fantasy Stat Tracker …Tracker” rather than just the “Fantasy Stat Tracker.” Not a big deal but I thought I’d toss it out there.

Please bare with me as I work on the blog styling. I’ll try not to destroy any of the functionality as I work, but this is my first time styling a WordPress blog, so who knows what could happen.